Exhausted...Trying to make better choices!

10:42 pm 11:45 pm 12:42 am 1:42 am 2:45 am 3:44 am 4:42 am 5:43 am Those are all the times I woke up last night.  Ridiculous right!? Well...when a baby is teething everything seems to get a little crazy.  SO needless to say, as I type this...I am exhausted. But it is important that I share this message… Being tired, overwhelmed and struggling are all part of life. Of course we hope they aren’t the norm but in some season of life, they are.  In the past I would have had multiple cups of coffee first thing. Maybe I...

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Reality Check...Overwhelm

You know I am all for positivity. But this is something that is really important to talk about.  So let me say I love you. I share what is on my heart in hopes that at least one person benefits from sharing what is coming up in my world…. I have talked to so many friends recently who are putting a smile one their face but behind the scenes are really struggling and feeling so much pressure with everything that is happening in life.  I really struggled with this next section. I actually removed it, because as I read it...

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Gift Guide to Promote Health

  Let's keep this quick and easy! Here are my favorite tools to helping us live a simple and health lifestyle!   1. MyZone  “The purpose of MyZone is to use technology to help people feel - good about exercise.” This is the heart rate monitor we have used for years! It takes exercise to the next level being able to see how our body is responding to movement and gives colorful graphs and points to make it more exciting.    2. Kettle on fire “We make healthy (yet delicious) bone broth soups that contain collagen to support your skin, hair, joint,...

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My Story

  Hi..I'm Ashlyn!   For most of my life I have been labeled as “shy” and “sensitive”. I was the little girl who was terrified of new things. But I also remember always loving being around “my people”. I was never one to have a ton of friends, but the ones I had were very close to my heart. I think that deep down I always knew that more than being shy, I was deeply affected by the emotions and energy around me. I could tell how people we feeling and I would absorb that feeling myself.  Until I was...

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Being Tired is Reminding Me- I Need a Simple Plan


For two weeks I have not gotten more than 90 minutes of sleep at a time. I am tired. Using the word exhausted would not be an understatement. As soon as I start to think I am doing pretty good I completely lose my train of thought or forget what I walked into a room for or realize I am zoned out staring off into space. I want to share with you how wonderful life is right now. Telling you that being a mom is simple and that I am using all the tools I have would be awesome. I...

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