Healthy Holidays
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Healthy Holidays

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What: You will get a daily email that will include a motivation, health tip/reminder and a simple recipe to help you and your family make healthy choices through the holidays. PLUS a Facebook group where we will hold each other accountable in staying on track with our priorities. I will post and interact daily to help you with what comes up for you personally and support you will your individual goals. 

When: November 1st – December 30

Where: The comfort of your home!

Why: Because health is a gift you deserve to give and receive. MOST people do not stay on track during the holidays. Most people don’t know what great healthy and delicious alternatives are. MOST people don’t take time to plan for success.  You don’t want to be MOST people!

How much: $60 (ONLY $1 per day) + opportunity to win Prizes will also be offered throughout the program included 1-on-1 coaching!

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